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Using inline retention control and drainage analysis to stabilize white water consistency and drainage, achieve higher machine speeds and increases in both production levels and profits.

Problem Description The board converter demanded 10% lower basis weights from the mill. To keep production of the 100,000 tpy of the two-ply-machine at least constant the machine speed had to be increased accordingly. A microparticle retention system was introduced to improve drainage and as a result increase machine speed. Drainage is especially critical at the top wire. Trials to maintain the demanded higher machine speed by manually controlling the retention aid failed.

Installation A RET-20 Analyzer was installed at the common white water. The bottom ply headbox was equipped with a RET-20 Inline Retention Control and the top ply headbox with a DRA-5000 Drainage Analyzer.

Control Strategy Total consistency of the common white water is kept stable by controlling the polymer flow to the bottom ply headbox based on the RET-20 Analyzer signals. The microparticle is dosed as a ratio of the polymer. At the top ply the microparticle flow is controlled by the DRA-5000 drainage signals. The polymer is dosed as ratio of the microparticle.


  • Stable white water consistency
  • Stable drainge at top wire
  • Reach and maintain a 10% higher machine speed
  • Production increase of 10,000 tpy
  • Profit gain 180,000 € per year
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Case studies
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