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“Ceramic-tipped coating blades help us meet our marketing targets”

Nordland Papier, Dörpen, Germany is one of the largest, most modern, and competitive manufacturers of woodfree paper in Europe. A member of the UPM-Kymmene Group, Nordland produces about a million tonnes of fine papers every year.

During 1998 Nordland bought about 28,500 meters of Duroblade, the ceramic-tipped coating blade manufactured and marketed by BTG. “The acceptance of our products on the market leads us to believe we can be numbered among the best bulk producers of high-quality fine paper grades in Europe. Our target is to offer our market a wide range of grades of highly uniform quality, manufactured in highly efficient production processes. Ceramic-tipped coating blades have contributed to our consistently achieving this goal,” says Mr. Werner Baumeister, the Production Manager at the mill.

“Generally speaking, we benefit from the long lifetime of ceramic-tipped coating blades, because long lifetime translates to high machine availability and productivity levels and, of course, less broke. Their constant tip geometry in bent-blade mode results in consistent coating weights and excellent profile control in CD and MD.”

Paper and board production at Nordland is on four paper machines fitted with Symformer twin-wire technology. The raw materials are predominantly long and short-fiber Scandinavian pulp, fillers and coating pigments, mainly calcium carbonate.

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Case studies
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