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WITH PCD-03 AND PCD-T3 (196)

Polyelectrolyte titration using PCD-03 and PCD-T3 is a good way to determine the content of colloidally dissolved substances.

Problem Description Beverages containing carbon dioxide often show gushing. Immediately after the bottle is opened a more or less large amount of the beverage spills out, resulting in complaints from customers (bottling factory, consumer). Since this problem occurs only sporadically, it is almost impossible to predict gushing.

Apple juice spritzer is made of apple juice concentrates and water with the addition of carbon dioxide. The concentrates are often stored for weeks or even months in special tanks or mixed with other ingredients before processing to meet customers' demands.

Control Strategy The precondition for the formation of carbon dioxide bubbles in a beverage is the presence of substances acting as the nuclei of bubbles. In apple juice colloidally dissolved substances of various origins play this part. When the amount of these colloids exceeds a certain value, gushing occurs.

Polyelectrolyte titration using PCD-03 and PCD-T3 is a very good means of determining the content of colloidally dissolved substances. The beverage manufacturer defines the level above which gushing occurs by correlating the gushing tendency of products to the results of polyelectrolyte titration. Gushing control is then possible by measuring the concentrates at every process step:

  • Incoming control of concentrates
  • Effectiveness control of clarifying agents
  • Aging control during storage
  • Properties of mixed concentrates


  • Gushing becomes predictable
  • High product quality level
  • Fewer customer complaints
  • Cost reduction by specific treatment of raw material
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