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Maximize machine speed and paper production, reduce starch and flocculants, and see typical ROI in four months with BTG's DFR-04.

Problem Description The speed of a paper machine producing liner or board is often limited by its drying capacity. The most important step to increase a liner/board production is an effective drainage of water before the drying section. Next to flocculation chemicals, starch is a major additive. Both additives, flocculant and starch have a strong influence on the drainage of the pulp. In order to speed up the machine and finally increase production, different combinations of starch and flocculants and their influence on drainage should be tested.

Lab Work Different types and amounts of starch and flocculation chemicals are tested to find out which combination gives the best drainage values (see fig. 1 and fig. 2). In this case, different dosing amounts and cationization degrees in PAM and PEI combinations were evaluated. Best drainage results were obtained with 2% cationic starch in combination with PAM.

Machine trial Based on the laboratory tests the best performing product combination was used for the final machine trial. At this trial, the lab dosing values were applied as start dosing values on the machine (see fig. 3).


  • Maximize machine speed and paper production
  • Reduce starch and flocculants
  • ROI: 4 months, based on annual costs of starch 1.0 mio € and flocculants 0.2 mio €
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