An active contributor to a better environment

BTG is committed to creating business growth by adding value for its customers while minimizing its environmental impact. Our products monitor and control processes, mainly in the Pulp and Paper industry, helping customers to improve efficiency and minimize their impact on the environment by reducing consumption of raw materials and decreasing waste and energy use. In turn, BTG actively seeks to minimize its impact on the environment by designing products that are more energy-efficient and that avoid the use of harmful substances.


Many BTG products and technologies have positive environmental benefits by providing customers with the ability to reduce energy consumption or waste or to control emissions. Our products can also help customers to meet environmental legislation.

Health and Safety

BTG is committed to providing a working environment which is injury-free and without risk. We uphold the highest standards in safety and loss prevention including employee training, protective equipment, and job- and process observation audits.

Human Rights

We believe in the fundamental rights of all people and are committed to adopting internationally recognized human rights standards wherever we operate. BTG’s human rights policy is consistent with the Principles of Human Rights, as set out in the International Labor Organization’s Core Conventions, and includes policies on equal opportunities, non-discrimination, harassment, pay and forced labor.