Acquisition of Capstone Technology Spectris plc has acquired Capstone Technology Corporation 20 Jun 2016

June 20, 2016 - Spectris plc the parent company of BTG has acquired Capstone Technology Corporation with operations in Vancouver and Seattle, USA. Capstone is a leading provider of software for process control optimization and decision support analytics across several processing industries. Capstone will operate independently, but reside within BTG Group.

Capstone’s MACS suite of software includes multivariable predictive modeling, commonly referred to as “advanced process control”, as well as control loop tuning and monitoring, all of which can help manufacturers achieve gains in productivity, yield and cost reduction. MACS combined with BTG’s unique single-point in-line sensors provides market leading process control solutions for pulp and papermakers.

Capstone’s dataPARC provides comprehensive operational decision support through PARCserver data historians and PARCview real-time data analytics and visualization tools, which are used by processing industries to capture, aggregate and visualize process data for trouble shooting and optimizing unit operations. Key industrial segments include pulp and paper, oil and gas, utilities, chemicals, and mining.

“Capstone is an excellent addition to BTG. The combination of Capstone’s software tools with our single-point instruments enables us to provide market leading solutions for process control and optimization across our global markets. This is an important milestone in our long-standing history and provides us additional means to help our global customers reach their operational objectives”, said Brian Pahl, BTG President.

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