Doctoring blades and blade holders

Duroblade® blades and CBC™ blade holders for creping; doctoring blades for cleaning, printing and scraping.

With the correct understanding of your operation, our team of experts will select a bespoke cermet-  or ceramic-tipped doctoring blade to improve your product quality, decrease the frequency of blade changes, ensure your asset safety and eliminate running-in time, to name only a few possible savings, all leading to productivity, quality and asset safety enhancement.

BTG takes doctoring to a new level with its Duroblade cermet- and ceramic-tipped doctoring blades. Ideal for creping, cleaning, printing and other scraping and wiping applications, Duroblade overcomes performance degradations and lost production time caused by rapid wear-and-tear.

In tissue production

Duroblade’s long-wearing, high-performance tip maintains quality. It also reduces broke, increases process efficiency and ensures consistently high quality across the web.

Our revolutionary CBCTM blade holder, with its unique feature that allows you to adjust blade load and creping pocket angle while running, can improve your productivity and quality, increase blade lifetimes and decrease web break frequency

In cleaning applications

Hard-faced Duroblade ensures long blade lifetimes in both dry- and flow-cleaning applications.

In flexo printing

Duroblade’s stable, wear-resistant working edge delivers top quality results throughout the entire print run. Quality shines through whether you’re using web or sheet machines, black and white or color process, paper or other substrates, or water-based or solvent-based inks. Our Duroblade®-Flexo printing blades are distrubuted by Rolf Meyer GmbH, click hear to go directly to the Rolf Meyer website.

Duroblade is perfect for scraping and wiping in 3-roll milling processes from pigments to glass paste.