Metering blades and rods

Duroblade® and Durorod™ blades, rods, rod beds and accessories for coating and surface sizing.

High-performance metering elements improve paper quality, decrease web breaks, blade and rod changes and eliminate running-in time

What differentiates Duroblade® and Durorod™ from other surface treatment consumables on the market?

  • Know-how and support
  • Increased productivity
  • Paper quality
  • Wear rate
  • Materials

Duroblade and Durorod overcome the performance degradations caused by rapid wear-and-tear on steel components, delivering clear performance improvements and better quality coated paper and board products. Our blade tips and rods are treated with a wide range of materials including hardened steel, ceramics, ceramic-metal compounds, chrome and elastomers to enhance coatweight application, smoothness, gloss and fiber coverage. The long-wearing, high-performance work surfaces of the blades and rods maintain quality, reducing broke, increasing process efficiency and ensuring consistently high quality across the web whether in coating, metering or doctoring applications. This is turn leads to significant, sustainable gains in business performance.