Better wiping of the ink cylinder

How many blades do you need to produce 1 ton of ink? Let our specialists help you reach your desired batch weight more quickly by improving the process for wiping your cylinder. Our know-how and cutting edge products are at your service.

When producing ink in a 3-roll mill process, every additional run through the press reduces your productivity. The quicker your batch is ready (kg/tons), the better your results!

Our ceramic blades can wipe the ink off the steel cylinder surface. With their ceramic-tip coating, our blades are wear-resistant--and the surface compatibility with your steel cylinder is excellent. You run no risk of metal slivers in the ink.

What little wear that does appear is evenly distributed along the blade. There’s no variation over the blade length, and no variation over time! This means Duroblade can stay in the press 8 to 10 times longer than a steel blade, with no downtime for blade changes. So you can improve your productivity and realize sustainable gains.

For example, an ink manufacturer may need 10 steel blades to produce 300 kg of ink, or 33 steel blades for a thousand kg of ink. With our ceramic blades, he can produce 1 ton of ink with just 1 Duroblade!

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