Effluent flocculation

Easily detect the demand for flocculants in effluents with colloidal charge titration

Flocculation is used for coagulating finest suspended or colloidal impurities in water. It helps to precipitate and remove those impurities with the help of sedimentation or filtration. For this process appropriate flocculation agents are needed. For an efficient coagulation and an optimal dosage of the agent, it is necessary to detect the flocculation point (= point of neutral charge) of the waste water to be treated. Once the charge of the flocculation agent is determined, the right dosage can be added, an optimal flocculation is ensured and costs due to over-dosage can easily be avoided.

  • Charge characterization of waste water and flocculation agent
  • Choose the appropriate flocculation agent 
  • Optimize dosage of flocculation agent