Improved coating coverage with new generation blades

By using BTG’s TGA (Topography Approach) a recycled packaging paper mill reduces blade change down time, improves surface quality and lowers operating cost.

The paper industry is under permanent pressure to reduce raw material costs per ton and to improve paper quality to enter into higher margin production segments. To facilitate these economic and quality goals BTG has implemented a strategy to level out the surface topography of the coated sheet, called the Topography Approach (TGA) or the TGA-Concept.

As the cornerstone of TGA a specially modified High Performance Duroblade improves coating coverage, provides lower and more stable PPS smoothness and reduces the number of coating defects even with a reduced top coating amount. The resulting higher process efficiency is due to reduced raw material costs, reduced blade change downtime and a lower coated broke levels. The blades from BTG’s special manufacturing process are very reproducible and are engineered for longer on-machine lifecycles. In operation, the blades exert lower pressure on the base sheet.

Quality and Economic Results

The benefits of TGA add up to lower production cost and a measurable economic benefit. The results shown here have been demonstrated at a coated recycled packaging paper mill, however TGA has been successfully implemented at other coated paper mills.

  • Lower PPS smoothness with reduced amount of top coat
  • Reduced number of coating defects
  • Blade consumption reduced by more than 30%
  • Reduced cost per ton of paper
  • Optimized raw material consumption by balancing the weight   of coating vs. the base sheet fiber weight. Estimated savings are 60,000 to 180,000 Euros per year, depending on the degree of substitution.

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