Improved film uniformity

Do you need to improve the film uniformity of your rod-coated paper? Are you having problems with plugging and uneven film thickness?

Our specialists can help you create better paper on any type of metering rod film presses and rod coaters.

BTG’s rod coating experts recently helped a papermaker who was having trouble making his sheet edge rolls meet their specifications. The problem was caused by a lack of film at the end of competitors’ grooved rods. After switching to our Durorod product, the customer met the specs without needing to adjust sizing/coating parameters. Now he can sell his sheet edge rolls as first quality – increasing his profits by €100,000 annually.

Durorod™ is manufactured to the tightest groove open area tolerances in the industry. In fact, we are experts in groove designs. Our production techniques for grooved rods are highly precise and consistent and do not introduce variability. For example, after adopting Durorod, one mill decreased film variability by more than 15% on all paper grades. Not only did the mill substantially improve machine efficiency, less need for adjusting also improved productivity and ultimately increased profits.

BTG’s dynamic chrome process keeps the thickness of the chrome layer uniform across the entire rod length. This ensures a uniform film layer throughout the paper width and from one rod change to the next. With this consistency, papermakers can 'lock in' the operating parameters on their most difficult grades. This reduces off-quality paper and creates less recycling and variability in the reels—providing more premium quality paper.

BTG has more than 200 years of experience in rod coating, and we know how to minimize rod ‘plugging.’ In addition, our rods can stay in the machine longer.

In producing premium quality copy paper, the machines that make these paper grades use additives that 'plug' a grooved rod. Our rod coating experts will help you find the right solution, including specially designed profiles and release agents. Less rod plugging means rods run longer. In addition, the paper quality is not impacted by streaks, skip coating and other defects. So you improve both productivity and paper quality.