Improved paper properties

Are you dissatisfied with the properties of your finished paper? Have you changed some of the parameters in your paper production and suffered from quality problems ever since?

Talk to our specialists to get your quality back on track.

Too often the headbox sheet is a long-forgotten papermaking tool! At BTG, we understand the influence that the vanes have on specific paper properties. And with our proprietary Energy Expansion modeling technique, we can optimize the design characteristics of your headbox sheet.

In today's ever-changing paper industry, it pays to revisit headbox sheets based on current operating parameters, especially as grades and furnish mixes change. BTG can easily update your design to adhere to your current paper grades.

Our bespoke, designed headbox vanes help improve MD/CD ratios, formation values, tensile strengths, compression strengths and other parameters. In addition, our specialists can make specific sheet property improvements to help differentiate your paper in the marketplace – increasing your sales and profitability.

We can also help you gain better insight into the influence of the headbox sheets on your specific applications. BTG offers a custom-approach that enables you to compare and optimize your sheet package. All clients have access to our Energy Expansion modeling results and can provide input into the decision process. Using this unique and proprietary flow modeling technique will allow BTG to engineer specific sheet designs that optimize your headbox operation. At the same time, we can easily review the effect that specific sheet designs have on the flow and the fiber activity levels inside the headbox nozzle. The objective is simple: to optimize the sheet designs to your specific conditions.

Good advice and properly designed vanes will ensure optimal performance from your machine. This creates a stronger market position, better quality paper, improved competitiveness and increased profit!