Increased rod bed life

You can save thousands of Euros per year by changing to BTG rod beds.

 Let our specialists show you how increasing rod bed life can improve both your production and your productivity.

Although many papermakers don’t consider rod beds to be important, properly designed beds run two to three times longer than the rods and never cause downtime.  Let BTG’s experts show you how using our premium quality beds can generate significant savings – especially if you are running smooth rods, independent of the type of film press.

High-quality beds remove one potential variable from your papermaking process. They also give you an edge when it comes to finished paper quality. BTG’s IPI beds are made of long-lasting materials with ultra-smooth rod channels. As the market-leading experts, we also pay special attention to the level of detail in our beds, while implementing best practices for design and operation. As a result, rods run clean, we improve film quality and beds are a ‘non-issue’ for our customers.

BTG uses only the best materials, and our designs are optimized for your application. In fact, at BTG, customer-specific designs are the norm. Our unique designs (e.g. Loaded Lip) and bespoke features help improve rod stability and provide clean operations. So you can improve coating film quality, enhance paper properties, benefit from less dilution of the coating color – and ultimately sell more paper.