Increased roll cover life

Do you have excessive roll cover wear? Are you experiencing problems with wear spots and bands? Are you obliged to use high loading pressure?

Our specialists can assist you with solutions to all these problems.

Talk to our experts about properly operating your metering rods. With our experience and know-how, we can help you apply less pressure to roll covers, extending roll cover lifetimes. At BTG, we aim to keep rod loading pressures to a minimum through optimized groove profiles—and we have nearly 50 profiles to choose from.  Many mills using BTG rods have cut loading pressures by 10-50%, reducing both roll cover wear and annual cover re-furbishing costs.

In addition, with Durorod™ there is almost no need to profile the rods at the film press in order to get a uniform film. The quality of our rods creates a consistency that eliminates 'wear spots' or 'wear bands' on the roll covers.  As your groove specialists, we not only supply standard solutions, but can also create unique new profiles to optimize your operations. Contact us to learn more about our bespoke solutions.

Does your film press use a sealing blade? BTG also prioritizes sealing blade optimization.  In fact, we have converted more than 100 machines to run with BTG IPI-designed sealing blades. Optimized to decrease roll cover wear, these blades reduce the 'scraping action' of the blade.  They also improve film uniformity, increase rod life and generate other advantages.

We have seen how sub-optimal sealing blades can negatively impact all aspects of film press’ operation.  So we have made significant investments in manufacturing capabilities and technical service personnel in order to improve sealing blade operations of our customers’ film presses.  Our expertise covers all OEMs that incorporate the contacting sealing blade as a way to improve film quality.  Let BTG help you optimize this operation – you will be glad that you did!

Extending roll cover life improves cash flow, decreases downtime and reduces the true costs of the roll covers. Let BTG help you generate hundreds of thousands of Euros per year in savings with our multi-faceted approach to reducing cover wear.