Poor fiber coverage

Is your production suffering from poor printability, “orange peel” or mottling? Improve printability and reduce print mottle with our specialist team and the unique Duroblade® Soft-tip™ blade.

Call on our team of coating experts to build a tailor-made solution. For example, BTG’s know-how and unique high-technology blades helped one mill manufacturing duplex board (topcoat) improve both paper surface quality and printability by eliminating mottling. He also realized important savings related to raw materials, thanks to the contour coating properties of BTG’s high-performance blade. This included:

  • Using cheaper formulations in coating color composition, e.g. by increasing the proportion of coarser pigments.
  • Greatly increasing the ratio of coating color versus fibers, generating significant savings on fiber.
  • Substantially improving the ratio of pre-coating / top-coating.

Not only did the papermaker improve paper quality, he also achieved both massive savings and a considerable competitive edge.

Another papermaker who produces packaging board saved up to 25€/ton of board with a cheaper coating formulation and an improved pre-/topcoat ratio. He also realized extra savings of 55€/ton thanks to lower fiber consumption—while still improving printability!