Reduced total cost of film press operation

Would you like to lower the total cost of your film press or coater operation?

Call BTG’s experts to analyze your specific situation and improve your bottom line. The BTG IPI Technical Service group has more than 200 years of film press experience, and we’re located in every main papermaking region around the world. So wherever you are, we are.

Our service has become a vital part of our customers’ success. Not only can we help improve your operations, we also share best practices across all types of OEM film presses.

Our BTG IPI Analysis services are integral to every application we supply. With our  state-of-the-art equipment (e.g. Scanning Electron Microscopes) and IR Analysis, we can easily pin-point issues with products and processes. For example, SEM imaging has helped find solutions to many rod plugging issues, highlighted the presence of improper chemical usage and improving operations.

You can also benefit from BTG spare parts, which are designed to outlast and outperform the OEM equipment. We take pride in our ability to supply custom spare parts that save you time and money.  Creatively designed and consistently produced, our IPI Spare parts can improve both quality and operations. They can also help lower your costs – substantially increasing your profitability.

With BTG spare parts, you can:

  • Save money on improved edge sealing applications,
  • Achieve production gains because it takes less time to change a rod using BTG Quick Disconnect systems,
  • Improve edge conditions at the film press or coater thanks to our innovative edge solution ‘tool-kit’ of options.

Attention to detail can pay huge dividends. For example, one customer saved €50,000 per year in starch by reducing edge leaks at their film press. A BTG-designed upgrade to the OEM edge seals stopped the leaks and prevented the starch from running to the sewer. Simple, minimal cost solutions can achieve great benefits. That’s how BTG helps our customers save money and increase their profits.