Solids content increase

Is your solids content too low? Is this causing bad surface quality and high costs for binder, energy and water?

The combination of BTG’s team of experts and high-performance products can help boost your performance.

You’ll achieve higher coating color solids content in several applications, including Board, Fine Paper, LWC and specialty papers, when running with Duroblade™ coating blades.

Papermakers frequently call on BTG when they want to further augment their solids content. With our expert team and high-tech blades, we can find solutions that keep coatweight profiles (MD & CD) under control.

A drier color improves quality – reducing mottling and enhancing printability – because there is less pigment migration in the paper structure and it dries faster. Manufacturers can also realize significant savings because of a lower demand for binder. For example, by increasing solids from 70 to 73%, you can achieve a 30% reduction in binder demand.

Higher solids also generate substantial savings as they optimize the use of raw materials. For example, you can use cheaper coating color composition (coarser pigments) and achieve savings on fiber with an increased coating color / fiber ratio.

This also reduces energy costs. In fact, one BTG customer reported energy savings of between € 1.3 and € 1.8 per ton of paper with a 2% solids increase. Water consumption in the coating color kitchen also declined by 3,200 tons water/year.

Together these solutions improve economics, create better paper quality and give the papermaker a more competitive edge.