2Charge Strategy: the key for optimum chemical dosage

Optimize chemical additives and cut costs by measuring dissolved charge and fiber charge in the papermaking process.

Do you know what functional chemicals do once they enter the papermaking process? Do they react with dissolved substances in the water or adsorb to fibers and fines? The thing is that the chemical supplying industry offers additives which are either made for interactions with dissolved matter or with solids. If the surrounding conditions are not right dosed chemicals might become useless and a waste of money but often trouble-makers too.

Most chemical additives are of cationic charge meaning you can learn about their reaction and whereabouts with the right charge measurement. Commonly, a Mütek Particle Charge Detector (PCD) or an online charge analyzer (PCT-20) is used for measuring the charge in the filtrate. But it takes two! With the so called 2Charge Strategy the PCD is applied in combination with the Mütek System Zeta Potential (SZP) because the SZP measures the charge of fibers and fines.

With the 2Charge Strategy from BTG you:

  • Avoid overdosage of functional additives such as flocculant, starch or wet strength agent
  • Optimize and tailor a chemical dosage program
  • Prevent chemical residuals
  • Save costs of €50,000 – €150,000 per year

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