Defects, streaks, scratches and microlines

Do you have quality problems because of streaks, scratches and microlines? Are you suffering from customer claims for blade streaks?

You can realize great savings by reducing the occurrence and frequency of such defects in fine paper applications with BTG’s expert coating team and Duroblade® cermet coating blades.

If you need to drastically improve paper quality, look to BTG for assistance. You can reduce microlines and long streaks in your fine and art paper by using customer-specific blade designs and engineered tip materials. Our coating specialists will help you find the most appropriate geometry and blade material to meet your needs and improve your competitive edge.

For example, one customer decreased coated broke (scratches on top coat) in his art paper production by up to 400 tons per month. Another reduced the cost of claims to between 0.5 and 1€ per ton by eliminating long streaks.