Bulk stability

Are you suffering from poor bulk stability? Variations in tissue grammage and bulk? Problems in the converting section?

Our tissue specialists will provide bespoke solutions that enhance product quality and productivity with improved caliper and bulk stability.

One of our customers who produced bath tissue (dry crepe) had a problem with poor bulk stability. After consulting our specialists, he switched to BTG blades with adapted, tailored designs and engineered materials. As a result, he achieved constant tissue thickness, thanks to better control of the Yankee coating.

Another tissue maker manufacturing bathroom tissue (dry crepe) encountered serious problems in converting due to unstable bulk.  With our expert advice and the appropriate creping doctor – geometry and tip material – his problems disappeared. As a result, he achieved better, more stable tissue thickness, improved converting efficiency, substantially reduced web break and saved hundreds of thousands of Euros. 

Uneven bulk may also affect other parts of the production, even transport. For example, a mill producing “away-from-home” bath and facial tissue had a recurring problem with uneven bulk. This translated into variations in parent roll diameter and created a problem when shipping rolls by truck. With Duroblade doctors, he was able to stabilize tissue caliper and ensure uniform parent roll diameter for more efficient shipping. He also reduced roll damage in transit.

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