Converting efficiency

Problems in the converting section? Unstable tissue quality disturbs the converting section, creating output difficulties—such as efficiency and productivity problems due to parent roll variations and packaging issues.

BTG can help by providing expert know-how, as well as specialized products and services.

One way to track and eliminate reasons for variations in tissue quality is to conduct a complete machine- and process survey. After a thorough investigation, we provide recommendations and advice to help stabilize production and eliminate variability.

For example, a manufacturer of dry crepe premium bath tissue experienced frequent parent roll web breaks. This not only led to poor productivity, but also created big problems in converting and packaging, which reduced daily output. After switching to Duroblade tailored-tip geometries and materials, the producer realized clear improvements in the uniformity of the sheet, while eliminating the break problem and significantly improving converting efficiency. This translated into hundreds of thousands of Euros in savings.