Creping excellence for tissue Maximize tissue quality and productivity through an holistic approach to creping.

BTG Creping Excellence approach reviews all the process platform to maximize tissue quality and productivity.

The highly desired properties of tissue stretch, bulk and handfeel depend upon many factors, the principle mechanism being the adhesion of the web to the Yankee dryer surface coupled with mechanical forces acting at the point of web release. To achieve these goals through creping, we must find a balance between sheet cohesiveness (the forces holding the sheet together) and the adhesive force which resists detachment of the web from the Yankee surface when it impacts the contacting edge of the doctor blade. This is highly influenced by the whole tissue machine process.

To understand this, the process has to be broken down into segments or “process technology platforms”. These defined platforms allow the tissue maker a snap shot of his process and hopefully invites questions from them on what could be done to improve the process and achieve their goals.