Cut chemicals in towel production significantly

Online charge measurement and control saves wet strength agent and leads to improved towel quality.

A wet strength agent is used in 80% of the production on a tissue machine which produces 35.000 t/year of towel and toilet tissue. With onsite deinked pulp (DIP) as the furnish, the mill had to deal with variations coming from the stock preparation. Changes in quality were not recognized until the final paper was produced and tested. Several times this led to downgraded tissue.

As a solution, a PCT-20 online charge analyzer was installed at the outlet of the machine chest, mixing chest, white water and inlet to the Poseidon fiber recovery unit. The measurements recognize the variations coming from the DIP plant in the mixing chest. Furthermore, the measurements are used to control the addition of chemicals between the mixing chest and machine chest and to avoid overdosage of the flocculant at the fiber recovery stage. This has led to stabilized fiber recovery.


The performance targets have been reached. Flocculant dosage to the fiber recovery unit was reduced. Now operators know early when the quality of the DIP plant materials is going down so excessive wet strength agent is not added, as it does not have an additional effect. Chemical deposits on the machine have been reduced and product downgrades have been reduced due to more stable tensile strength.

The economic benefits are summarized below:

  • Wet strength agent addition reduced by 35 %
  • Flocculant addition reduced by 40 %
  • Dye addition reduced by 18 %
  • Total yearly savings of 210,000 €


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