Edge cleaning

Are you having problems with coating build-up and contamination? Edge cleaning problems come in many shapes and forms, resulting in edge build-up, deposits and contamination.

And this can lead to chattermarks and Yankee wear. Our experts can provide advice and solutions designed for your specific application.

Improved coating control

A well-known tissue maker producing dry-creped toilet and towel grades was losing money due to poor coating control. His production suffered from edge build-up and coating deposits, which created quality variations. It also made his Yankee cylinder more prone to chattermarks. Our specialists created a bespoke solution, which incorporated tailored blade designs and engineered tip materials. This eliminated contamination problems and budding chattermarks, and the customer saved € 450,000 euros per year.

Improved cleaning strategy

An away-from-home bath tissue producer contacted BTG to help eliminate frequent edge build-up in his dry crepe. After investigating, we helped optimize the spray bar installation and recommended  using a specific type and design of Duroblade creping and cleaning doctors. The customer no longer has to worry about frequent edge build-up. Now other members of the same tissue-producing group are asking us to try using this type of blade to remove similar contamination problems in other mills.

We can also help remedy coating build-up and contamination problems with an in-depth machine gauge study. This same study can help tissue makers improve their creping blade strategy. Our process specialists are just a call away!