Machine efficiency

Downtime of a tissue machine because of blade changes, web breaks, contamination and other production problems can be greatly reduced and sometimes, completely eliminated.

The key is to find out why your machine is malfunctioning and develop solutions.

With years of experience in tissue making, we can find a solution that corresponds exactly to your needs. We have both the know-how and the means to  examine your complete machine and eliminate the root causes of your problems.

One tissue maker who was suffering from frequent web breaks on his TAD machine substantially decreased downtime for blade changes after a complete machine and process survey. The survey helped him gain both creping efficiency and productivity, while reducing downtime by more than 60% and improving machine efficiency by 2%.

Another TAD customer boosted uptime and machine cleanliness after running our Vigilance™ vibration monitoring service. He also improved coating control, enhanced creping blade lifetimes and gained substantial productivity with the appropriate choice of Duroblade in the cleaning position.

With BTG’s Blade Consumption Control software, you can better understand and monitor the use of your doctor blades. You can also drastically improve blade management with our expert advice on running conditions and machine parameters. For example, one mill increased running times per blade more than 12 times and generated estimated savings of € 350,000 per year by switching from standard steel blades to high-performance Duroblade with specific tip geometry and material.