Energy reduction

Is your energy bill too high? From electricity to gas, the cost of energy represents a large portion of a tissue maker’s total operational costs.

As fuel and energy prices rise significantly, it becomes even more important to closely monitor these costs and find ways to offset their impact.

For example, friction on the Yankee has proven to have an important influence on the power required to drive production and increase energy costs. BTG experts can help. Call on them to examine your applications and create energy-saving solutions that correspond to your needs.

Several tissue mills have already contacted us for help in decreasing energy consumption, while also reducing their energy bills. After assessing the situation, BTG recommended running complete machine and process surveys. Such surveys not only highlight problems the tissue maker already knows about, they also reveal miss-functions that were not even suspected. Our specialists then attack the origins of these issues and engineer specific solutions for each situation. In many cases, an adapted blade choice can offer a world of difference, with different designs and materials. Any solution that drastically reduces friction on the Yankee will automatically save on energy costs.

For example, a producer came to BTG for help increasing his tissue bulk. After surveying his particular application (dry crepe), BTG recommended the use of specific high-performance blades, with bespoke geometry and engineered tip material. As a result, he not only improved bulk, but also decreased friction, which translated into a 15% reduction in the energy needed to rotate the Yankee.