Better headbox sheet performance

Not happy with the performance of your headbox vanes? Contact our experts to optimize your sheet design parameters.

BTG helped one tissue manufacturer who had problems with tip breakage increase headbox sheet life from one month to one year with a tailor-made solution. Not only did he improve runnability, both on the machine and in the converting process, he also achieved a 30% increase in MD tensile properties. It all added up to €50,000 per year in operational savings!

Our specialists can also provide advice on vane material as it is important to use the proper materials for any given application. For example, mills that perform caustic cleaning of the headbox benefit greatly by using high-end material designed for a high pH environment. Not only can they leave the sheets in the headbox during cleaning, which saves time and manpower, the operations team can focus elsewhere during down-time.

In addition, sheets that stay in the machine longer don’t require as much downtime for change-outs – creating more efficient operations.  In both cases, manufacturers can significantly improve overall paper machine productivity – which translates into immeasurable gains in profitability annually.

Be sure to ask us to perform our Energy Expansion analysis. Using this unique and proprietary flow modeling technique will allow BTG to engineer specific sheet designs that optimize your headbox operation. At the same time, we can easily review the effect that specific sheet designs have on the flow and the fiber activity levels inside the headbox nozzle. The objective is simple, to optimize the sheet designs to your specific conditions