Improved sheet uniformity

Does your tissue production suffer from uneven sheet quality? Let our specialists assist you in choosing the best headbox sheet for your application.

BTG specialists helped one tissue maker producing premium bath tissue in dry crepe solve a recurring problem with variations in tissue quality, including profiles, grammage and moisture. After studying his particular application, our experts recommended redesigning his current headbox vanes in order to reduce the cross-directional basis weight variation.

Not only did he achieve stable basis weight profiles, he also substantially increased sheet bulk – creating thousands of dollars in profit.

Be sure to ask us to perform our Energy Expansion analysis. Using this unique and proprietary flow modeling technique will allow BTG to engineer specific sheet designs that optimize your headbox operation. At the same time, we can easily review the effect that specific sheet designs have on the flow and the fiber activity levels inside the headbox nozzle. The objective is simple, to optimize the sheet designs to your specific conditions.

If you want to improve sheet profile uniformity, give a BTG expert a call and let us show you how!