PROdry Yankee dryer services A market leading technology for the tissue industry

BTG PROdry precision linescan thermal imaging is used by tissue makers globally to troubleshoot Yankee issues under normal operating conditions, without the need for shutdown.

Amongst the questions we can answer with a PROdry audit are:

  • Is chatter damage occurring due to a Yankee internal or steam system operating condition?
  • Is a particular header of straw(s) damaged?
  • Is my CD profile issue Yankee related?
  • Is my MD profile issue Yankee related?
  • Is my blowthrough or delta P control working correctly?
  • Is my thermo compressor operating correctly?
  • What is the cause of my blistering issue?

For more information on PROdry Yankee dryer services, please have a look at the provided downloads.