Not happy with the softness of your bath and facial tissue? In today’s competitive environment, many tissue makers are striving to improve the softness of their end product in order to remain competitive.

You can improve your tissue softness too by collaborating with our tissue team and using high-tech doctor blades.

Including our tissue team in your process can help you gain both softness and efficiency. For example, a tissue maker producing premium bath and facial tissue suffered from low softness and poor efficiency. With our specialist advice, along with tailored blade designs and engineered tip materials, he greatly increased softness, while improving the efficiency of the complete line – from the tissue machine to the converting section. He also boosted his profit margin by more than USD$ 400 per ton!

We also have several customers producing premium bath tissue who have improved both surface- and bulk softness thanks to complete machine and process surveys. The surveys also helped create a more stable process, which translates to greater converting efficiency. In yet another case, we helped a customer enhance his existing creping blade strategy. In every case, customers increased profits by € 100,000 - 500,000 for the complete tissue production line.

In another tissue mill, the machine and process surveys resulted in such great softness that the producer was able to change to a lower quality fiber, while still maintaining quality and softness. The result: the mill saved an estimated € 400,000.