Streaks and poor profiles

Poor basis weight profiles? Streaks originating in the headbox? Let BTG’s specialists help you choose the best headbox sheet for your production.

Some paper quality defects originate in the headbox; especially 'streaks' and poor basis weigh profiles. Proper headbox sheet design and manufacture helps minimize the vane’s influence on both the basis weight profile of the paper and streaks occurring in the header, tube bank or nozzle.
One European tissue maker increased MD tensile by 20-30% after BTG recommended some fundamental changes to its sheet designs. Not only did the customer reduce refining levels, he also experienced fewer breaks. Ultimately this decreased his production costs, while improving his efficiency.

BTG headbox sheets guarantee minimum tip thickness variation. In addition, our proprietary manufacturing methods keep this important sheet property within tight specifications. With more than 35 years in the business and specialized knowledge of flow modeling techniques, BTG and its experts can recommend designs that improve back pressure and minimize flow streams originating in the headbox.

By correctly implementing basic sheet designs, you can improve the flow through and out of the headbox, while also perfecting basis weight profiles. In addition, improving cross-directional basis weight profiles enables the paper machine to operate more efficiently. This enhances paper quality and eliminates streaks and scratches.

Be sure to ask us to perform our Energy Expansion analysis. Using this unique and proprietary flow modeling technique will allow BTG to engineer specific sheet designs that optimize your headbox operation. At the same time, we can easily review the effect that specific sheet designs have on the flow and the fiber activity levels inside the headbox nozzle. The objective is simple, to optimize the sheet designs to your specific conditions.