Full Fiberline Optimization Package for Suzano Mucuri, BA, Brazil

BTG has closed another agreement with Suzano to supply instruments and advanced process controls for its Mucuri Fiberline 2 to optimize brown stock washing and usage of bleaching chemicals as well as reduce final brightness variability.

In detail, the supply includes two MEK consistency transmitters for digester production calculation and consistency control after the blow tank, four Dissolved Lignin Transmitters (DLT-5500) in brown-stock washing to measure carryover after each washer, two Bleach Load Transmitters (BLT-5500) to measure the total kappa and one Brightness Transmitter (BT-5500) for final brightness measurement in Mucuri’s bleach plant 2. In addition to the instrumentation, BTG will deliver its unique MACSwash and MACSbleach process optimization solutions.

The contract was signed in December 2018; instruments start-up begun in February 2019.