Creping blade holders

Creping blade holders

CBC™ creping blade control

Our team of specialists can help you achieve greater productivity with CBCTM Creping Blade Control. With CBC blade holders, you can separately adjust blade load and creping pocket angle, while running. We can also support your efforts to adjust blade loads, prevent blade deflection and gain better control–by applying a pressure blade very close to the creping blade tip.

With CBC, the blade automatically follows the profile of the Yankee cylinder surface and ensures an even linear load along the blade length. The blade holder pivots around the blade contact point on the Yankee surface to adjust working angles.

With our solutions and expertise, you also benefit from less cylinder surface wear. This means fewer Yankee regrinds and less blade wear, which results in lower blade consumption.

Take your productivity to a whole new level by combining CBC creping blade control with the unique, patented Duroblade® creping blade.

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  • Constant linear load over the entire blade length – self alignment
  • Easy blade height adjustment
  • Easy operation and cleaning
  • No need for different blade geometries


  • Tissue

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