Viscosity Transmitter

Inline viscosity transmitter for glue, paint, slurries and pastes with a viscosity of 10 – 100.000 cP

MBT-4500 Inline Viscosity Transmitter measures viscosity in process samples by means of the shear stress principle.

  • Quality control tool
  • For all types of samples with a viscosity of 10 – 100.000 cP
  • Very robust
  • Easy installation and calibration
  • Temperature compensated

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  • Applicable in glue, paint, slurry and paste application
  • Monitor and control viscosity for stable product quality
  • Optimize chemical additives and binding agents
  • Adjust dilution steps


The sensor is intended for inline installations. It is rated for voltages of 100 – 240 VAC at 50 Hz / 60 Hz.

Measuring range
Sample material with a viscosity of 10 – 100.000 cP

Wetted parts are made out of stainless steel, EN 1.4404


  • Pressure PN16 (16 bar at 20°C/ 230 psi at 68°F)
  • Ambient temperature max.60°C [140°F]
  • Resonance frequency 310 – 450 Hz


  • Temperature max. 100°C (212 °F)
  • Flow velocity 0 – 2 m/s

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