Mütek DFR-05

Mütek DFR-05

Drainage Freeness Retention

Lab simulation of drainage, freeness and retention processes onsite

The Mütek™ DFR-05 Drainage Freeness Retention simulates the  retention  and  drainage  conditions  prevailing  in  a  paper  machine immediately before  and  during  sheet  forming. Chemical addition is fully automatic via a dosing module. The optionally available RET-20 Lab Sensor directly measures the filtrate consistency, making a manual determination of stock and ash consistencies superfluous. The drainage behavior is characterized by gravimetry of the filtrate volume.

  • Systematical assessment of chemical  influences in the papermaking process
  • Characterize and screen retention agents and drainage aids
  • Automatic consistency measurement
  • Detection of Schopper-Riegler and Canadian Standard Freeness (CSF)

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  • Develop and characterize retention agents and drainage aids the market demands
  • Understand chemical reactions in the lab and onsite
  • Apply the correct additive in a process environment
  • Optimize chemical dosages for better operation and cost saving
  • Accurate automated consistency results for fiber stock and pigments (ash) replacing time-consuming manual determination
  • Transportable for onsite use


System requirements
The Mütek™ DFR-05 is designed for use with a PC and application software. The RET-20 Lab sensor is optional. The instrument is intended for indoor use at temperatures in the range of 15 °C to 40 °C (59 °F – 104 °F). It is rated for voltages of 100 – 240 VAC at 50 Hz / 60 Hz.

The DFR is also available as a special freeness version, the Mütek DFR-05 Freeness.

Sample Specification
Retention and drainage Stock samples in the consistency range of 0.2 % to 2 %. A sample volume of 1 liter is required per measurement. Since the sample temperature strongly impacts the test results, the temperature should be kept constant.

Freeness Freeness measurement is performed in line with DIN EN ISO 5267-1 2000 which specifies that the sample is to be diluted to 0.2 % consistency using distilled water. Temperature should be adjusted to 20 °C. A sample volume of 1 liter is required per measurement.

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