Printing blades

Printing blades


Our experts can help you improve sealing effects and maintain printing quality over long periods with Duroblade®-Flexo ceramic-tipped blades.
In flexography, wear from abrasive pigment particles and friction between the blade and the engraved roll can lead to short blade lifetimes. Duroblade-Flexo offers fewer blade changes and constant high-quality output–while reducing the scrap to recycle.

With Duroblade-Flexo and our unique expertise, you can achieve higher productivity for any type of flexo printing application, as well as for UV- and gravure coating with engraved, ceramic rolls. That’s because Duroblade’s ceramic-tipped flexo blade with an enhanced working edge requires no run-in time and provides constant quality throughout its lifetime.


Although the ceramic materials in Duroblade’s blade tip have a softer composition than the ceramic coating of the anilox cylinder, the two are perfectly compatible. And since the metallic blade tip is protected by the ceramic coating, there is no risk for metallic slivers or shavings mixing with the ink and causing scoring lines.

As of September 1st, 2009, this product is distributed by TKM Meyer GmbH, Germany.

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  • Longer blade lifetimes
  • Reduced ink leakage
  • Better sealing
  • Reduced scoring lines
  • Constant printing quality
  • Improved wiping of the cylinder


  • Flexographic printing
  • UV coating with engraved rolls
  • Gravure coating with engraved rolls

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