Chemical Residual Transmitter

Detect chlorine dioxide and hypochlorite residual for effective dosage of bleaching chemicals

The RT-5500 measures chemical bleach residual, particularly residual chlorine dioxide and hypochlorite. The transmitter is an integral part of the process control to accurately and cost effectively dose bleaching chemicals in modern bleach plants.

  • Continuous measurement of chemical residual
  • Integrated with pulp brightness measurement for process control
  • Accurate and cost effective dosage of bleach chemicals

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  • Optimize chemical dosage for better bleaching operation
  • Save costs by avoiding costly of-spec pulp
  • Compact dimension and low weigth
  • Safe and easy to mount and dismount


System requirements
The instrument is intended for use at process temperatures in the range of 5 °C to 70 °C (41 °F – 158 °F) and operating pressure up to PN 16. It is rated for voltages of 100 – 240 VAC at 50 Hz / 60 Hz. The RT-5500 works on the communication platform CPM.

Sample Specification
Sample temperatures in the range of 0 °C to 100 °C (32 °F – 212 °F) with a conductivity of minimum 3 mS/cm and a pH range of 2 – 4.

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