Scraping blades

Scraping blades

Duroblade® IK-Blade for scraping applications in 3-roll milling

Our team of specialists can help you increase your productivity by more than 40% and improve your blade lifetimes 20 to 60 times with Duroblade® IK-Blades.

Traditional steel and plastic scraping blades wear quickly and unevenly. This increases quality variations and waste, and requires more downtime for blade changes and cleaning. In contrast, Duroblade’s high-performance IK-Blades are specifically designed for scraping.

Numerous tests have shown that the Duroblade’s ceramic blade tips and your steel cylinders are perfectly compatible–generating less friction. In addition, Duroblade blade straightness specifications enable you to wipe your cylinder with greater precision. And you will no longer need to re-grind your blades.

Improved safety
With Duroblade IK-Blades, the risk of injury during blade changes is nearly zero. This reduces both overhead costs and insurance premiums.

Greater productivity
Our experts can help you improve productivity and ensure consistent quality through constant, even wiping with Duroblade IK-Blades. That’s because the material applied to the IK-Blade tip excludes any deformation.  The contact surface remains the same along the length of the cylinder and even longer.

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  • Enhanced productivity
  • Improved safety
  • Increased yield
  • Stabilized wiping quality


Any 3-roll milling process, such as pigments for ink manufacturing, glass paste in electronics

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