ACT-2500 AmpliForce

ACT-2500 AmpliForce

Pulsating blade transmitter for fiber consistency from 1%- 4.5%

The ACT-2500 AmpliForceTM inline sensor measures fiber consistency of pulp suspensions in the range of 1%- 4.5%. This oscillating blade transmitter works in many measuring positions in pulping, bleaching and papermaking applications where moderate accuracy is accepted.

  • Durable and reliable sensor at little cost
  • It is pre-calibrated and ideal where moderate accuracy is required
  • Insensitive to fiber composition, freeness, fillers, flow, air content or pressure
  • For closed loop consistency control

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  • Fiber consistency measurement from 1%- 4.5% at moderate accuracy
  • Low investment and lifecycle costs
  • Easy installation via a stud welded onto the pipe
  • Applicable in the blow line after digester, in screening and washing stages, bleach plant till machine chest
  • Closed loop consistency control


The sensor is intended for inline installation into pulp- and papermaking process lines through a weld-in stud. It is rated for voltages of 100 – 240 VAC at 50 Hz / 60 Hz.

Measuring range
Shear force/ oscillating transmitter for 1%- 4.5% fiber consistency

Wetted parts are made out of stainless steel, EN 1.4404

Pressure PN25 (25 bar at 20°C or 360 psi at 68 °F)
Media temperature min. 10°C [50°F] to max.100°C [212°F]
Flow limits 0.5 – 5 m/s

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