SPC-5500 Single Point Charge

SPC-5500 Single Point Charge

Single Point Charge Measurement with the new SPC-5500.

  • Online measurement of charge
  • Cost-effective closed loop control of chemical addition rates
  • Single point modular design for greater flexibility


The SPK-5500 Single Point Charge analyzer continuously measures charge of colloidal dissolved substances in an aqueous sample. By automatic titration of the sample with an oppositely charged poly-electrolyte solution, it is possible to precisely quantify charge levels also known as cationic demand or anionic demand.

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  • Modernized continuous online measurement
  • Automatic ultrasonic cleaning
  • Inline filtrate sampling


  • Cost effective solution for a compact online charge measurement
  • Allows for closed loop control of fixatives and other chemical additives
  • Easy maintenance due to a modular concept and diagnostic tool

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