Defoamer management in kraftliner

Reduced defoamer costs, more stable press section solids, less variation in moisture profile

The carryover from the kraft pulping process can lead to foam, lots and lots of foam. Historically mills use dearators, lots and lots of them, to deal with the issue. This can lead to strength and sizing issues, not to mention changes in the way the machine drains.

A kraftliner machine producing 378.000MT/year was suffering from the impact of foam. The mill could not accurately measure the level of the white-water silo, which led to issues in the press and with moisture profile at the reel. The overuse of defoamer to combat the foam resulted in variable strength and sizing, not to mention high costs.

BTG experts introduced measurement which allowed controlled response of defoamer to the level of entrained air in the white-water system. The dosage points were changed to allow for more efficient response. Combination of these changes resulted in a sustained 30% reduction in defoamer use. This saved the mill 480.000€/year in treatment cost. In addition, the moisture in the press section was more stable, as were strength results and dry end moisture profile.

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