Reduced scoring lines

Do you experience score lines?

All flexo printers experience score lines. A scored anilox roll must be either replaced by a new roll or reworked.

Regrinding a roll costs between € 1,000 and 2,000, depending on the anilox dimensions and cell specifications, and buying a new roll costs between € 5,000 and 15,000.

Roll scoring lines are typically caused by metal slivers or dust, shaved off the steel doctor blade. These pieces get caught between the roll and the blade. And as the roll rotates, they either wear a line in the roll material or break the bridges between cells. In both cases, this creates lines in the print, causing press downtime, outages and lost production and productivity.

Duroblade users report a marked decrease in scoring thanks to the ceramic-tip material which contacts the cylinder. There is no steel involved, so no metal slivers can wear off the blade and mix with the ink.

With steel blades, you may have to change cylinders after only two months. But with our blades you can keep an anilox roll in the press for up to 2 years before it needs any attention.

Duroblade also provides better sealing, cleaner production and improved printing quality.

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