Surface starch optimization

Strength variation reduction, starch and energy savings, reduced downtime

Starch preparation and treatment can be a sticky proposition. In 2018, a machine producing 225.000MT/year of test liner and fluting from recycled fibre and mixed paper was suffering from variable strength. To combat this, the mill had to run very high starch dosage on their metered film press. The high starch and energy costs were made worse by runnability issues and elevated break frequency.

BTG expert audits of the wet-end and size press systems indicated potential improvements in both areas. The size press system was addressed first. Adjustments to the applicator and process lead to a 10% reduction in starch use, providing a value of 500.000€ in starch savings and over 1.000.000€ in energy savings! These changes also resulted in a 75% reduction in breaks in the after-dryers!

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