BTG launches a new generation of GAS Analyzer

BTG launches the GAS-70, a new generation of GAS Analyzer measuring the content of free and dissolved GAS in pulp and paper production, which permits to optimize the use of deaerator and defoamer chemicals as well to reduce energy cost.

The new GAS-70 is cloud-ready, allowing remote analysis and making it an instrument usable in many different applications.

Concretely, on top of the current usage in a paper mill (where the typical sampling points are the headbox recirculation line and the white water), the new GAS-70 can also be used in a pulp mill, to optimize the washing process at the brown stock washing.

BTG has 25 years of experience in GAS measurement and is proud to be a true partner, helping its customers using data from their world class units to build a strong value proposition, and eventually impacting energy costs.

BTG Group is a multinational provider of integrated, highly specialized process solutions for the global pulp and paper industry. BTG is committed to helping its customers achieve significant, sustainable gains in business performance.

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Estelle Meyer
BTG Eclépens S.A


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