Fiber management for packaging board and paper

BTG solutions transferring process performance across the whole mill

Make 100 % out of your fiber with BTG fiber management solutions.

Fiber Management Solutions components

  • Online analyzers: freeness, morphology, colloidal charge, retention
  • Laboratory: Colloidal charge, fiber charge, retention and drainage

Fiber management solutions

BTG Fiber solutions improve process performance across the whole mill

Papermaking has an analogy to preparing a delicious meal in 5-star restaurant. To be able to serve constant and high-quality meals, you have to select the right raw materials, prepare them correctly, mix them in the right ratio, process them, add spices and finally cook and finish the meal. In the papermaking process, we do the same but on a larger scale. However, all kinds of variations make the process unstable: Raw material quality is constantly changing. Chemical interactions with different delays, water quality variation, faulty signals, wearing of consumables and finally human errors make the system very complex. That´s why we need eyes in the process. Laboratory measurements like consistency, colloidal charge, zetapotential, pH and freeness give a snapshot of the system and help to understand the state of the process. Online analyzers and sensors are required to keep the system in automatic control. BTG Solutions helps you to get 100% out of your fiber with more than 100 years of experience

Moving manufacturing forward

BTG integrates solutions for sustainable gains in business performance across your operations

Best in-class solutions

Leading-edge product application solutions deliver best-in-class solution for manufacturing

Proven cross
Proven cross-mill benefits

An integrated whole-of-mill approach that unlock new levels of process optimization

Trusted at every level

Measurable performance gains that support operational, maintenance and project professionals

Value added services

  • BTG’s Mütek lab devices create cost savings through optimized chemical dosage and reliable, stable operation
  • A new, fast and accurate method to optimize polymer dosage for dewatering processes in ‘ effluent treatment
  • BTG’s Mütek PCD opens up new options for measurement of grain products, raw materials, additives and finished products

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