RT-5500 Residual Transmitter

Detect chlorine dioxide and hypochlorite residual for effective dosage of bleaching chemicals


  1. Optimize chemical dosage for better bleaching operation
  2. Save costs by avoiding costly of-spec pulp

RT-5500: Residual of chlorine dioxide

Residual Transmitter

The RT-55 series comprises the RT-5500 and RT-5510 residual transmitters. The transmitters are designed for monitoring of residual chlorine dioxide and residual chlorine in pulp bleaching, as part of an overall process control strategy. The RT-5500 can calculate a compensated residual signal taking into account input from other process measurements such as conductivity, temperature and pH.

The two transmitters differ from each other by their length of the sensor probe. The RT- 5500 is available in the standard length for normal process piping. The RT-5510 has a longer sensor probe suitable for installation in towers, standpipes and retrofit in existing applications with longer weld in studs.

The transmitters are installed in-line without any special bypass arrangement and provide continuous real time results. The transmitters are mounted through a ball valve assembly to a weld-in or FRP/Epoxi stud and are fitted with a retraction mechanism for online removal of the sensor.

RT 5510 model image

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