Break Avoidance

Protect your assets

Tissue Expertise, Analysis and Unique Solutions allow Detection, Understanding and Prevention of Breaks.

Break Avoidance

BTG Solutions Reduce Break Frequency

BTG has all the tools to assist our customers in avoiding sheet breaks. From superior crepe blades that ensure most efficient doctoring, to high quality instruments that ensure a consistent process, BTG has the differential products to ensure least possible breaks.

Beyond these historic products, BTG experts have an in-depth understanding of our customer’s process and what leads to high break frequency. By this knowledge and from using a sophisticated diagnostic approach with the digital tools and data analysis unique to BTG, including unique AI algorithms, it is possible for BTG to pinpoint the reasons for break occurrences, determine how to best avoid such and put in place Advanced Process Control Solutions to reduce and/or eliminate such breaks.


An indepth understanding of your process with BTG’s unique products, data analysis tools and Multivariable Advance Control Systems ensures a reduction in break frequency on the Tissue machine by Detection, Understanding and Prevention.

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