Getting the basics right

Solid foundations are the basis of the entire digital journey

Together with the team in the mills, we will ensure that the basics are in place

Getting the basics right

The first step in the digital journey is to ensure that the basics are in place. BTG is offering to start by realizing a full diagnostic, to have a good perspective of the entire process. Existing data will be analyzed and put in perspective. Potential gaps in the existence of measurements will be identified and closed accordingly.

The duration of this phase is much dependant of the situation of the mill.

Know the baseline – fix the basics, enable real time data availability

Diagnostic Consulting

If the foundations are poor, the value of the digital support will not be maximized. BTG has years of experience in ensuring basics are in place.

Moving manufacturing forward

BTG integrates solutions for sustainable gains in business performance across your operations

Best in-class solutions

Leading-edge product application solutions deliver best-in-class solution for manufacturing

Proven cross
Proven cross-mill benefits

An integrated whole-of-mill approach that unlock new levels of process optimization

Trusted at every level

Measurable performance gains that support operational, maintenance and project professionals

Value added services

  • BTG’s Mütek lab devices create cost savings through optimized chemical dosage and reliable, stable operation
  • A new, fast and accurate method to optimize polymer dosage for dewatering processes in ‘ effluent treatment
  • BTG’s Mütek PCD opens up new options for measurement of grain products, raw materials, additives and finished products

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