SZP-10 System Zeta Potential

Gives insight into surface charge of fibers and solid particles


  1. Detects the zeta potential of fibers and solid particles
  2. Reveals the fiber capacity to interact with additives
  3. Checks effectiveness of chemical reactions on fibers
  4. Detects unwanted process water additives on fibers to prevent overdosages
  5. Determines the stability of a liquid/solid suspension
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SZP-10: Fiber charge

Manage your charge

The Mütek™ SZP-10 System Zeta Potential identifies the surface charges of fibers, pigments and other solid materials. Measuring samples before and after chemical contact, it evaluates the performance of e.g. wet strength agents, sizing agents, dispersants or coatings in a manufacturing process.​ The SZP-10 is a well accepted standard tool for chemical suppliers of the pulp and paper industry, especially because it measures process samples without further sample preparation, as would be necessary, e.g. for electrophoresis.​

The device has been successfully employed to assess chemical additives in the papermaking process as well as for evaluating filter aids for beverages, other separation technologies or to​ control textile finishing. ​

The Mütek™ SZP-10 System Zeta Potential detects the surface charge of solid materials. The surface charge is the overall charge of a solid particle in an aqueous system. This charge influences the interaction of the sample material with chemical additives​

SZP 10 image model

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